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Sacred Connections provides information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, spirituality, holistic health and new economics. Sacred Connections also provides talks and to sacred sites in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

Reveals information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history and sacred mysteries. Book and DVD available

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Imagine you have an old painting, a Madonna and Child, which has been in your family for years. It is beautiful, serene and spellbinding. It hangs on your wall and for a long time you take it for granted. But curiosity to know more about it gradually grows in you until it becomes irresistible. The day comes when you look at it and begin to realise it is more rare than you ever imagined.

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This is an extraordinary book about the story a five hundred year old portrait of a Madonna and Child have to tell. It is an explosive exposee of our shared history which has been heavily censored for the last two thousand years.

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Fiona McLaren, author of the long awaited Da Vinci's Last Commission


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