The Caterina Peace foundation

The Caterina Peace Foundation

The Caterina Peace foundation is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci's 16 year old peasant mother, who had her child taken from her. When the painting which I firmly believe will be conclusively attributed to her son is sold, the proceeds will go into building one of the firmest foundations we can hope for in sheltering and providing love for the most stricken, neglected of all, children in care.

Come with me and help me build one of the most important structures to help these lonely bewildered children . The goal to show these poor children that they are special, that they have talents, and are loved. The Caterina Peace Foundation aims to help structure the lives of children in care, a metaphoric parent. We will be there for them throughout care and then into adulthood. We will be there for them with love, support and where appropriate financial assistance. We also aim to offer a network of mentors, surrogate parents, to support them.

It is at the acorn stage, but it has a first shoot and will grow into a mighty Oak to shelter them. Your help, advice, will be welcome. As with the book, I would wish that we can all be involved in this as it morphs into a being of love, light, peace and bliss.

Thank you.

Papal Bull

Papal Bull

Futher investigation of Painting and Papal Bull; Hamilton Kerr.

France Tour

Sacred tour incorporating sites on Map planned for 2013. Once this has been investigated the results will be updated on the website as guidance for those who wish to explore and experience the locations for themselves.

Sacred Tour Scotland

News about UK tour coming up soon.

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