Chapter Nine

Return to Provence

Grail Map, commissioned by King Louis XIV; the Sun King of a mysterious Abbot

“We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats are in our libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversations, but having no inkling of the meaning of it all”. William James  A Pluralistic Universe.

Now we come full circle, back to the white limestone hills of Provence and Mary Magdalene.  It is where this story begins and ends.  All the pieces of the puzzle have fallen neatly into place, save this last one, a puzzle in itself.

A map, charting  enticing locations, enigmatic clues and destinations.   It is in itself an enigma  and still open to further interpretation with yet more mystery still hidden in its topography. 

So the book ends with this extremely rare map.  A seventeenth century one of Marseilles which was commissioned by Louis XIV.  It is the final piece of the puzzle and one which the reader can interact with.  This too now enters the public domain. 

This is to all intents and purposes a Grail Map, a treasure map, which alludes to things which for many, have been integral to a quest for centuries.

The task to decipher it.  Why are the fleur de liy used to designate sites, sites using a pseudonym for the Knights Templar. 

More connections to the Freemasons are made, and the plot meshes to a conclusion.   The Knights Templar were stationed at Marseilles ¼¼would it therefore follow that some of their hoard was to be found in its environs?

This is the beginning and end of our story; Provence in Southern France.

From here the reader can make their own journey of discovery.   Interact and determine the location of what so evidently is concealed.

The Map of the Holy Grail? Very possibly.


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