Chapter Five

The Declaration of Arbroath

Here a seemingly innocuous stamp opens up another connection to the migration of an ancient people to our shores. This stamp commemorating The Declaration of Arbroath is investigated and found to be one of the most eloquent blackmail letters in history. Why was it taken as the template for The American Declaration of Independence and why do the Freemasons figure so strongly and what was Robert the Bruce’s connection to them and to the Knights Templar.

Fleur de lys; Rosslyn Chapel, Rennes le Chateau

Here too we have the exploration of the symbolism of the fleur de lys and grail rose as found on the leather embossed folder which concealed the stamp.

We are now firmly treading a labyrinth of knowledge which connects the Druids, Jesus Christ, the Culdees, the Knights Templar to the Masons.

The concluding section discusses the legacy of St Clair and the ornate chapel of Roslin in the outskirts of Edinburgh . Has anybody else noticed the stain glass depiction of Christ in a tartan bonnet? What is the link with Rennes le Chateau and the child in tartan? With the one on the Island of Mull depicting Jesus Christ beside a pregnant Mary Magdalene ..

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