Chapter SIx

Children of the Light

The Cathars; Southern France; Rennes le Chateau

This takes us to France and the legacy of The Cathars.  A medieval sect who were the victims of the first genocide of our time.  An orchestrated slaughter of thousands  which was undertaken by the Roman Catholic church.  Not only did the church destroy a belief system but they also utterly destroyed the glittering civilisation of Western Europe, that of the troubadours, of art of ideals..  ]We explore their history, their Gnostic beliefs and find ourselves in the grottos of the Pyrenees and the church of Rennes la Chateau.   Rennes the enigmatic puzzle of a Church which is located high in the French Mountains.

Another thread weaves into the tapestry of this story as the lore of Mary Magdalene cross stitches and supports the body of work which is forming before us.  The body which presents itself in our painting of Madonna and Child.  The Cathars believed Christ had a child with Mary Magdalene; that is why the Church orchestrated such a heinous genocide of them.

Santiago de Compostela; Pilgrimage trail; Scallop shell

In 1990 the New Catholic Catechism states that’

“The task of giving an authentic interpretation of the Word of God ¼has been entrusted to the living teaching office of the Church alone”

This chapter challenges that authority.

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