Chapter Eight

The Apollo who would be King

The Sun King; Louis XIV

Louis XIV now enters centre stage in the form of  an engraving by Hyacinth which was amongst the art in the box are explored.  Here again the fleur de lys is in evidence as it swamps the King from all directions. 

In this chapter we introduce Louis XIV as a follower of Mary Magdalene.  Witness how his chief mistresses were all depicted at one time or another as the Magdalene, just as Charles 11 before had his.  For Louis they were his, the Magdalene to Christ.  In his Divine power, the only one to whom he  humbled himself , was the Magdalene.  Her portrait adorned his bedchamber.

So what does the portrait he commissioned of himself have to say, to what does it allude..

Poussins; Arcadia

More questions and more answers;  Why did he work so hard to get Poussins  Shepherd of Arcadia painting and why did he keep it in his own private quarters?  What is the secret he tried so hard to discover.

“Poussin and I have planned certain things that I will speak to you in detail about soon, and which will give you, through  Mons. Poussin, advantages that Kings would have great trouble in drawing from him, and that, after him, perhaps nobody in the centuries to come will ever recover; and what is more, this would be without great expense yet would turn a profit, and these things are so difficult to find that nothing on this earth now could have a better, nor perhaps equal fortune.”

Quoted in Robin Le Royaume de graal p 107

Scottish Jacobites; Freemasonry; Napoleon

We dig deep into the Masonic roots in France  and the relationship with the Scots Jacobites in the alliance of the two countries for the restoration of a Stuart to the Scottish throne.  This alliance was to abide for centuries.

Here too we encounter Napoleonic associations with Celtic culture and the most importantly the merovingian bloodline and its connection to St Columba; the Culdees forming the Merovingian Line

As further affirmation of the power of Freemasonry and its reliance on symbolism we also have revealed the symbolism of ornate stately gardens and their connection with their fraternity.


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