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Thank you for visiting my website; if you have read my book Da Vinci's Last Commission then I am happy to meet you. You will find a discussion forum on my facebook page, so that we can shake the truth out of the censored history which has plagued this planet. Also there we can further discuss the medieval map, which was commissioned by King Louis XIV of his Abbot P.Chevallier; a map which I believe to be, to all intents and purposes a grail map. On my facebook page we can also travel further into the history of the Culdees, the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene, the symbol of the rose, Mary Magdalene as consort to Jesus Christ and the loving cup, symbolised by the Quaich which commemorates their union. This book travels back 2,000 years, but there is more territory within the boundaries of that time-scale and beyond. The other side of time is trying to communicate and I am trying to facilitate that. The Druids had a saying; Truth against the World. That is, I believe, my remit. So let's attempt together to do just that.

Da Vinci's Last Commission is my raison d'etre and what more could I have wished for. It is about Leonardo da Vinci, the language of symbolism, in Leonardo's paintings, in architecture, in dance , in games ,in the tarot, in stories. All these have been vehicles to communicate the true story of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. Freemasonry, is part of this story, so too the Cathars, Rosslyn Chapel, Rennes le Chateau, the pilgrimage to Santiago, Iona, the Declaration of Arbroath, The Knights Templar, and last but not least The Sun King, King Louis XIV, a Freemason and follower of the Magdalene cult and the man who commissioned a treasure map, one which is studied in the last chapter.!

I only knew when I embarked on this amazing adventure, that the painting of a Madonna and child held a mystery, an exciting one, one shouting out in its symbolism to be heard, symbols of the fleur de lis, the location, the artistry; what I had no idea of was the exhilarating journey I was to experience as I investigated her, and other works of art that came with her. It is an investigative work which has spanned 2,000 years of our history. Of Jesus Christ, the Gnostic Gospels, of Ancient mysteries and hidden truth. In it we study The Last Supper, and other works of Leonardo's, and of course, the painting which is central to this, his last commission of Mary Magdalene, and her son by Jesus Christ.

The culmination of it all will be the sale of the painting, which I firmly believe was the Last Commission from King Francis 1 of France of Leonardo da Vinci, a commission to communicate their shared belief in the Magdalene story. When the painting is sold, and I aim to only sell it to a Museum so that the portrait of Mary Magdalene and her son can be seen by everyone, I hope to set up a Foundation ; The Caterina Peace Foundation,(Caterina as that was the name of Leonardo da Vinci's mother) which will concentrate on helping children in care, with support and love to see them through into adolescence and adulthood. If you would like to be updated/involved with the evolution of that please let me know. You can also subscribe to a newsletter which will update you on information in regards to authentication of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci; His Last Commission and its journey onwards from there.

If you haven't read the book, well please do. It centres around the beguiling 16 th century portrait of a Madonna and child, which has a mysterious Papal Bull attached to the back. It was the starting gun to my quest to discover what she, and other artefacts which travelled with her, were conspiring to tell. The language these objects used to communicate with me was symbolism and the story which they reveal is one of our censored history, of Mary Magdalene, of the Holy grail, a grail symbolised by the loving cup of Scottish lore, the Quaich, and one which has been protected by the Freemasons. It tells of a migration of the people of Christ from Judea to France, and then onwards to the shore of UK. A story which places the Culdee celtic monks as the exiled Christos family who came to meet with the Druids of the ancient mysteries to further Christ's teachings. The year 36A.D. This is a history we have been starved of, of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine, of the true early story of Christianity. It is also the amazing story of how Leonardo da Vinci encoded a perceived heresy in his paintings and how ultimately his last commission to King Francis 1 when he was court painter to him in his final years now proclaims it in the portrait of this Madonna and Child, not Mary the Virgin with Jesus, but Mary Magdalene with her son by Jesus. The book ends with a mysterious 17 th century map , commissioned by King Louis XIV which is in itself a grail map, commissioned of an Abbot who was a member of the Knights of Malta.

So what do we have in this ground breaking book; a story of a painting, one commissioned by King francis 1 of France of his court painter; Leonardo da Vinci. What was the commission; to embody their shared philosophical belief in the sacred union and bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Can it be taken seriously? Undoubtedly so as you will see by its investigation but also as subscribed to by a rare Papal Bull being attached to the back of it, one issued by Pope Paul V in the early 17 th century. This attachment would imply that this painting was once owned by Pope Paul V! This the Pope who instigated the Secret Archives; tried to silence Galilieo and was heavily implicated in the plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament; known as the Gun Powder Plot, an episode which strangely laterally I am part of, as an ancestor of mine father Garnett was involved as a Jesuit priest and was the one who took confession from Guy Fawkes. For the Pope to be involved in this is a pretty extraordinary fact; and proves the provenance of the painting as one of supreme significance. What else; we have the story compiled from the other artefacts which came with the painting to underscore that thesis, but which add more to the mix by exposing the true foundations of Christianity, one founded on Britain shores in 36AD by the Christos family. What more …… of the people who have guarded that secret,the culdees, the Druids, the Cathars, the Knights Templar , the Freemasons and the Roman Catholic church. A submerged history is revealing itself to us. Not through circumstantial musings but from the tangibility of hard evidence. You see the time is now; the other side of time is reaching out to be heard so please come with me through the maze of intrigue and to the map commissioned by the Sun King to see what more secrets there are which need to be shaken free.

Mary Magdalene, was believed by the Cathars of France, and many others, to have been the consort of Jesus, and that to them a child was born. This book attests to that remarkable fact. The Knights Templar was closely aligned to the Freemasons, who in turn were associated with the Druids, who were in contact with Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Culdees. Is this why the loving cup of Scotland; the Quaich symbolises that grail story. I have several all with connections to the Knights Templar/ Freemasonry; Grail story. Then in furtherance of that mysterious grail story we end with a map which again connects with Mary Magdalene; Jesus and the Holy grail. A map drawn up by a mysterious Abbot, one aligned with the Knights of Malta; to my knowledge only four exist, and this map undoubtedly holds clues to Grail knowledge. What of the Book of Kells, or Iona and Rosslyn Chapel, of Scotlands mysterious hidden history. The story also investigates the Pilgrimage of Santiago, the Camino, also known as the Pilgrimage of the Milky Way. The pivotal location of this is Santiago de Compostela on the western seaboard of Spain, which is symbolised by the scallop shell; the forerunner of the Quaich. The question arises was there once a much older pilgrimage route, one mirroring a much older age, the age of Oracles. Could it possibly be the route that Mary Magdalene, Jesus and their child took to England. To England and their arrival at Glastonbury.

Remember; The backdrop to this painting is France, not Judea, the halo has a fleur de lis incorporated into it, the symbol of the royal bloodline of France and the House of David, Christ's lineage. So question; why a symbol of the Royal Bloodline inserted in the halo; surely that indicates the bloodline is associated with French soil.

For more read; Da Vinci's Last Commission.

To talk more; visit my facebook page and link with others who are discussing this. Truth against the World. Together we can become one in a shared knowledge of truth; knowledge is power. Its time is now; Power to the people in a brotherhood of man. Amen.


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